Years of playing Nintendo as a kid came in handy when I was asked to create this retro 8-bit animated sequence for the new interactive journey for Outsurance.
The original NES colour palette and some playful pixel painting was used to simulate the old classic games of the 1980's, and bring this story to 8-bit life.
8 Bit character designs
A reluctant heroine must outsmart and defeat three evil panel beaters on her quest to get three quotes after an unfortunate car accident.    
8 Bit level designs
Our heroine must traverse through a variety of back alley car repair shops while avoiding stray rolling tyres, junk yard dogs, possessed photo copy machines and fire hazards. 
The full Outsurance interactive journey, where this 8 Bit sequence features can be experienced at
Director: Matthys Boshoff
Client/Agency: Blade Works
Client/Agency: Outsurance
Design/Animation: Rob Culey 
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